Sunday, August 6, 2017


My grandparents on both sides did not have spectacular birthday parties.  Usually my dad and his 2 brothers would bring their mom candy, nuts, or fruit on her birthday and that was that.  I don’t even remember my other grandparents celebrating birthdays.  My parents never made a big deal of birthdays either.  I do have a few pictures of the birthday cakes I had in California and then in Spokane.   I don’t know why I have always  liked birthday parties.  

Our kids and grandkids threw a spectacular birthday party for me yesterday.  Heather asked me what my favorite ice-cream is.  I said rocky road.  Sammy made a cake with rocky road filling and served rocky road icecream with it.  I thought that when Heather and Jes cleaned my refrigerator, stove, and microwave that was my birthday present.  But then Jessica, Jes, Heather, and Jessie bought me  new sandals.  Samantha made the card and Natalie vacuumed and cleared off the dining room table.  Heather decorated the tables with bouquets of flowers. Jessie made the brisket.  Chris got me walnuts and some white stuff he used to clean the sliding door track.  Some friends of Heather and Jessie’s gave me a beautiful Starbucks cup.  Samantha drew and framed a picture for me. We sang the doxology for our grace.  Along with the brisket we had tossed fresh salad from Jes and Jessica’s farm fresh vegetables. There were also some seasoned green snap beans and also muffins.  

I think this was my favorite birthday party yet! Click here to see the pictures.

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