Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Favorite commercial

Recently my favorite commercial has been the Capital One commercial with the wonderful baby who has so much character.  I identify with that baby because sometimes the things of this world are too much.  I have never been a shopper and blamed that on never having any money.  Then suddenly I could buy anything I wanted but I would become depressed and overwhelmed by too many choices.  I couldn't see the trees because of the forest of stuff!  We are blessed in this country with material things but many have noticed that those who have fewer things, and work less, are much happier.  So in this commercial the baby is asked if she would like more money.  She says an emphatic ,"No!"  Good for her!  She doesn't fall for something that has strings (high interest) attached!  My motto is "Neither a borrower nor a lender be."  I've learned though that God is a generous God and He wants us to be the same.  I'm trying to overcome my stinginess with myself and others.  It is good to simplify belongings but at the same time we should enjoy every good and perfect gift from above.

What is your favorite commercial and why?