Saturday, May 26, 2012

Men in Black III and the Paranormal

Men in Black III was an enjoyable movie for me.  Once again good overcame evil.  I have had some thoughts about paranormal events.  Have you thought about these?

1. Bigfoot could exist. I believe there could be dinosaurs roaming the Earth in uninhabited places too. But what difference does it make? 

2. I don’t believe there are UFOs or aliens from other planets. My reasoning is this—God chose the earth because it was one of the smaller planets. He chose Israel because it was small, so that when Jesus came to earth this was the only world He came to.  Earth and believers are small and insignificant, so He has shown His glory! 

3. UFOs could be angels or evil spirits. 

4. Ghosts are probably demonic forces. Jesus was the only human who came back to earth. 

5. I would say that alien abductions are also demonic forces. Have you ever known a Christian who has been abducted?

Below is the trailer from the Men in Black II movie:

Sunday, May 20, 2012

She's the Man

  1. I can remember always wanting to be a boy because I had an older brother who was the first grandchild on both sides. He was adored, his every move was attention getting. I insisted that I wear his hand me down clothes.  I  was able to dress that way as long as we lived in California and Alaska. Kindly church members would give my mom dresses for me but I would never wear them. Then we moved to Virginia and I was forced to wear dresses. My mom allowed me to wear jeans to Sunday School one time but the peer pressure was too much.  I wore dresses after that. When I  married and had a strong willed two year old I turned to God and started attending Bible study. Then when my children were 11 and 5 I came down with fibromyalgia. That drove me to prayer. God used those things in my life to help me to trust that He made me just the way He wanted me. I'm not good at anything much ( my husband said one time that I was like a BMW--not outstanding at anything but above average in everything.) But with God's help my children turned out great, and I have a prayer ministry.   I'm a slow learner but I think the best thing we can teach our kids is to love others and love God.  If we are going to compare ourselves to anybody it should be to Jesus!  When believers see Him face to face we will be like Him!  Below is a clip from a movie I enjoyed.  It shows how difficult it is for a girl to be a boy!