Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Me with my 4 siblings.  Grandpa took a back seat.

All three of my brothers wanted to travel to Mars.  (Chris thinks they are from Mars.) My youngest brother attended Space Conferences and met a few astronauts.  He even built a Mars kite.

My dad, two brothers, and my sister received college degrees in science or math.  I was fascinated by their thoughts and inventions. 

Jay working on an invention on the back porch of the farm with Auntie, Beanie, Evy, and me looking on.

Jay working on something while cousin Dorothy and I watch.

So today when I read one of my favorite writers, Jared C. Wilson's, essay, click here to read, I was once again reminded of uncommon brains. There are people who seek new things from animal, vegetable, or mineral, every day, on this beautiful yet flawed Earth.

Me in 1985 with my 4 siblings in birth order. Photo by Chris Brown.


  1. Thanks, Bobbi, love the photos of you and your siblings.
    Praise to God that all of us have "uncommon" brains, some, like your husband, are just a little smarter than the rest of us. But we're all different, and that's the beauty and wonder of it all. Jim

    1. Good to hear from you. Yes, everyone of us has something to offer in this life. Some more than others!