Friday, July 8, 2016


Today, July 8, is the anniversary of Jonathan Edwards famous 1741 sermon.

Life is murder. More lives and souls are being lost every day.  Once again we are confronted with news stories telling us about lives snuffed out.  Police kill two black men during stops. Snipers kill five cops during a “Black Lives Matter” protest.  According to scripture, it will get worse until Jesus comes back and sets up His Kingdom.  Meanwhile Christians need to get the word out that it isn’t too late to turn to God.

 “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” - Classic Sermon by Jonathan Edwards, (You Tube above gives the audio of the 48 minute sermon), tells about the strength, power, and sovereignty of God.  He holds evil men over the abyss and will let them fall in when He desires it.  Our job is to get across to those who have turned away from God that they must turn and repent or they will be thrown into the “Lake of Fire.”

It fascinates me that one of God’s Ten Commandments is to Keep the Sabbath and to keep it Holy.  Many people believe that they are doing this by going out into nature and worshiping God there.  But how do they take the Lord’s Supper to remember Jesus until He comes?  How do they not forsake the gathering together of the brethren?  How do they bear one another’s burdens?

Today I read II Peter 2.  Verse 1 says that false teachers will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord.  (Destructive heresies are divisive opinions or teachings that result in the moral and spiritual destruction of those who accept them.  This definition is according to the footnotes in my NIV Bible.)  These people will say, “Did God really say that?”  Did God really say that homosexual sex was a sin?  Did God really say that sex outside of marriage was a sin? (Some Christians rationalize that supporting sin in the name of civil rights is good.  Next they will not only support immoral sex, and murder of the unborn, but then will rationalize that they have to support stealing and lying as thieves and liars need civil right too!) 

God was very kind to us by dying on the cross to pay for our sins.  Let’s pray that many will accept this free gift and turn to Him before it is too late.  And lets pray that false teachers will not lead Christians astray leading to their moral and spiritual destruction.

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