Sunday, July 3, 2016


The only baby picture I could find.  Film was scarce during WW II.

As God sat on His throne, with angels surrounding Him, praising and worshiping Him without ceasing, He spoke, and said, “Let us create a girl child to be born to Dave and Grace Stowell.  She will be a helper to her family. S he will have dominion over what I have created for her to enjoy.  She will glorify and enjoy Me all the days of her life.” 

“Oh goody,” chorused the angels and the seraphs—who were like angels, but had six wings.  They all loved these project proposals, “What will she be like?”

The throne room shown with God’s brilliance like that of jasper and crystal and other precious jewels. There was no need of the sun or the moon in the Holy City, for the glory of God gave every thing radiance. “Well,” God pondered, staring off into infinity, “She will have dark brown hair and blue eyes.  Her eyes will turn to green when she is older.  She will be somewhat of a tomboy. She will enjoy singing and dancing. 

The angels, and the seraphs—who were covered with eyes, in front and back—asked, “When will all of this happen?”

“She will be born on July 29, 1943, in Santa Monica, CA.  In the United States.”

On that exact day Roberta Joy Stowell was born.  Dave and Grace had not expected her that day because she was already 2 weeks late and it didn’t look like she was going to be born any time soon.  It was a yucky kind of day.  Grace got up early to care for Roberta’s older brother Jay.  Grace felt like she was coming down with the flu as she had kind of a sick feeling in her stomach. 

It was a Thursday and Dave and Grace had invited some friends over for dinner.  Grace prepared the dinner and they sat around the table in the kitchen of the small four-room stucco house.  The couples had a nice visit.  After the company left Grace said to Dave, “I think I’m in labor.  We had better go to the hospital.”  Dave called a neighbor to come over and sit with Jay while they were gone.  They were only 5 minutes away from the hospital so they easily made it to the hospital by 7 pm.

Once they arrived at the hospital the nurses panicked as Roberta was about to be born.  They called the doctor.  The nurses said to Grace—“Don’t push, don’t push.”  They were afraid if, when the baby was born, the baby was a “blue baby,” there would be complications they couldn’t handle.  Dave had RH A+ blood type and Grace was RH O – so this was a possibility.

The nurses trying to prevent the birth made Grace very angry.  Finally the doctor arrived and Roberta was born at 9:22 pm.  The nurses exclaimed about Roberta’s long dark curly eyelashes and long fingernails.  She weighed in at 8 lbs. 3 oz. and was 21 inches long.

Grace stayed in the hospital for a week.  Aunt Ruth arrived to help with Jay and the housework.  Aunt Ruth and Jay promptly came down with the flu.  Needless to say there were no meals or house cleaning done! 

And sometime shortly thereafter, during a project review, God looked upon His creation and said to his heavenly host, “It is good.  I’m looking forward to spending time with Roberta and she with me.”


  1. I can just hear your mom telling this story with her little laugh. Love it.