Thursday, July 28, 2016


When I was thirteen a friend wanted me to go to a teen club dance with her.  I thought it sounded like fun.  So our parents drove us and dropped us off.  There was music playing and a boy asked me to dance.  My 7th grade teacher had taught me how to do a box step.  So we started to “slow” dance. But almost immediately the boy took my right hand and pushed my arm behind my back and he pressed his body against me.  I pulled and pushed his hand back into the proper position and pushed him away from me.  Then he pushed my arm behind me again.  We wrestled through the entire dance.

So what should I have been warned about?  Maybe if a boy does something you don’t like you should immediately remove yourself from his presence and find other people.  But of course in this politically correct time we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  Well, I believe it is time to teach our tweens and teens to offend each other if something is happening that you sense is not right. This includes boys who are in doubt as to what a girls intentions are.

In our age of sexual freedom young people are instructed in the media and by some parents that they should go ahead and become sexually involved when they believe the time is right.  It seems more teen boys than girls believe anytime is right.  Some act like animals and not people with brains. I wish that our society would go back to when it was the right time to become sexually involved after you are married.  We are after all not animals.  We do have intellect. 

Even fairy tales are becoming sexually immoral.  My granddaughter said that maybe in the story, “The Princess and the Pea,” that the princess who felt the pea was pregnant.  I said, “She better not be because she hadn’t married the prince yet!” 

She said, “You can get pregnant if you are not married."  

I said, “People are supposed to wait until they are married to do anything that will cause a pregnancy.” 

So not only do we have to teach our kids to just say no to drugs, we also have to teach them to just say no to pre-marital sex!

Help Lord!  You are the only one Who can lead us in the way we should go.