Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Photo by Chris

We are snowed in again today.  The people of Western Washington are not used to snow.  But in Eastern Washington everything goes on as usual.

Heather in Spokane 1973 or 1974

If you have snow you just build a snowman and get on with your life.

 Jes and Freddo in Montana


In Montana you do the same.

I'm using my down time to get caught up on "Inspector Lewis" shows on Amazon Prime.  I'm also checking out novels from the library on my Kindle.  Right now I'm reading a John Grisham novel.  I also enjoy reading biographies.  Here is a blog about some  recommended biographies.

Heather and her family are enjoying the snow -- kids do not say they are bored or they end up with more chores to do.

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