Sunday, February 10, 2019


Until a few days ago this was the view from our condo in Monroe.  Many years ago Chris began talking about the need for more ducks in the world.  (I thought it was one of his jokes.) Our Oregon friends gifted him with a stuffed toy duck which we still have.  He began collecting rubber ducks;  then toy ducks.  But now he has a backyard full of ducks.  How God surprises us sometimes with the desire of our hearts.  I think Chris is over ducks now. Four photos by Chris.  Last photo by Bobbi.

We have snow now and freezing weather.  The ducks,  after a few days of sitting and walking in the snow, are gone.  I think it had something to do with the pond freezing. This is our view now.
Here is a link to a blog I enjoyed reading.
I don’t often think about the words that I sing in a worship service.   I must keep a stiff upper lip like the frozen chosen that I am.  Here  is a blog about singing lies in church.

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