Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Some of the moms I prayed with when my kids were in school.

It was back in the 70's when Fern Nichols was worried about her children entering Jr. High.  She asked another mom to pray with her.  Because of the support and also seeing answers to prayer  Fern believed God wanted her to share this idea with other moms.   From that simple worry Moms in Prayer was born.  God has blessed the ministry.  Now there are Moms in Prayer groups all over the world.

Today as I read the headlines I gathered some stories prayer warriors can be praying about today.  We lay these concerns at the feet of Jesus and leave them there: 

Albert Einstein didn't know anything about love

Iranian spies in Germany targeted Israel Embassy and Jewish kindergartens

Lawsuit Pits Gay Rights Against Religious Freedom

California Poverty Capital of America

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