Monday, December 12, 2016


This year I’m not stressed about Christmas.  Here is why:

1.  We are Christians—we love the tradition of attending church together on Christmas Eve and singing all the carols.

2.  We lowered the amount we spend on gifts—$5.00 for adults.  It is a fun challenge.

3.  I could actually think of something I wanted for a gift for Christmas—I usually can’t think of anything.  My parents would have to think of presents for me when I was a kid.

4.  My husband is cooking the Christmas dinner.

5.  All the difficult relatives have left us. (*See the story below.)

6.  We decorate with very few Christmas decorations. We put up a small tree with the lights already on it, and also a Nativity scene.

7.  My husband is baking all the Christmas cookies.

8.  Christmas is all in the heart.  See above you tube video.

*Years ago a little old lady was placed in a nursing home by her relatives.  She needed 24 hours care and they couldn’t provide it for her.  She hated the place and every time the relatives came to visit she said that would be leaving soon.  They asked her how she would leave.  She said she would call a taxi. When she passed away the nursing home called all the contact numbers but couldn’t get anybody on the phone.  Finally they called her grandson.  They told him that his grandmother had left them.  He said, “Did she take a taxi?”

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