Monday, December 19, 2016


I don’t recall if I ever was privileged to attend a performance of The Messiah when I was a child.  I do remember, that when I was home from college one year, during the Christmas season, one boyfriend invited me to see The Nutcracker in Washington D.C.  My sister joined us.  Unfortunately we had to sit separately as we could not get another ticket for her next to us.  (Goes along with my family not planning ahead!)

I believe it wasn’t until I was married that I had an opportunity to take in The Messiah.  My mother-in-law usually performed it with the Spokane Symphony as concertmaster. This was before kids. Then one year, when our kids were older, we were given tickets to see it at the Westgate Chapel in Edmond, WA.  We enjoyed it very much but unfortunately our car broke down in the parking lot of the church when we attempted to start it to drive home.  I called a member of our old church who lived in the area to come and pick us up.  He drove us to my mother in laws to borrow her car so we could get home.  We dealt with the broken car the next day.  Next, our son and daughter-in-law gifted us with tickets to see it with them at Benaroya Hall in Seattle.  I highly recommend seeing it whether in person or on the internet.  It is especially meaningful for those who believe in the prophecies in the Bible.

The above You Tube gives a tiny taste of one part.

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