Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Learning From Fictional Depictions On TV about How To Think Morally

Here’s the bad news.  The world has gone mad and is sinking into greater darkness every day.  Instead of seeking God, and learning how He thinks, the world is sponging up Hollywood and the media’s views.   Albert Mohler on his podcast “The Briefing,” click here, commented on two articles appearing in the New York Times.  The first article is about gender-neutral language and how the idea of sexual fluidity has changed many minds about morality.  Click here to read.

The second article relates how gay activists have changed the language to call anyone phobic if they don’t agree with their agenda. Click here to read.

Now the good news—Christians can turn off the TV, skip the movies, and spend time with God by praying, seeking Him through Bible study, and through fellowship with other Christians.  As we grow closer to Jesus we can take our eyes off of the trials and tribulations of this life and put our eyes on the promises of Jesus and how much He loves us.

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