Thursday, October 9, 2014

Weaving A Victory

My Great Uncle, Jay S. Stowell, wrote this in 1953—“The church has played a larger part in the making of America than many of us realize and a religiously conditioned patriotism has made her strong and kept her united.  People are religious and, in the last analysis, no better basis for a common life can be found than a faith which is to some extent accepted by rascals as well as by those more worthy.  The clash of religious groups through the centuries has been serious enough, but now we have something still worse, the clash of religion and anti-religion.  The prospects for any genuine world unity will remain poor so long as any large groups rule God out of the picture.”

Wow!  Was he prophetic or what?  In this blog, click here, the question is asked why do so many liberals despise Christianity?  This mentality was obvious in the 1960’s when Bill Ayers decided that the United States was more evil than the Communists. (America is certainly more Christian than communist countries.) Ayers proceeded to bomb buildings here in the United States to protest our killing communist soldiers in Viet Nam who were trying to force communism on the Vietnamese people.  Now his mentality has permeated through the younger generations. See this You Tube where college students are asked if ISIS is worse than the United States. Click here.

Could this be happening because of anti – religious forces?  Since our country was founded on Judeo/Christian values is this the way that the anti-religious people will remove God from our country?  They are saying that evil is good and good evil.

Isaiah 5: 20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

Because of this way of thinking our military is being decimated.  Click here.  Soon the U.S. will be defenseless and so will those countries that have depended on our military to keep peace in their countries.  ( Check out Germany, Japan, Italy, South Korea.)If we had left our military in Iraq there would be a lot more peace there right now.
Without our U.S. Army we will have no defense when ISIS arrives on our shores.  We must petition God to help the American people to wake up and elect statesmen who will seek wisdom from God for our defense.  Hezekiah, in II Chronicles 32:1-23 protected the water supply, built walls, weapons, shields, appointed military officers, etc.  They did what they could but the most important thing was praying to God.  And God saved them.  

 So no matter what the anti-religious people do, God will prevail.  This quote from “Beowulf” sums it up:

"But the Lord was weaving a victory on His war-loom for the Weather-Geats. Through the strength of one they all prevailed; they would crush their enemy and come through in triumph and gladness. The truth is clear: Almighty God rules over mankind and always has." 

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