Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Time To Love And A Time To Hate, A Time For War And A Time For Peace. Ecclesiastes 3:8

Chris and I have been watching old episodes of Foyles War, a PBS series set during World War II.  It shows how people in a small English village, outside of the war zone, cope with daily life, their lack of food, lack of supplies, and with an occasional bombing, along with requisition of their land.  Foyle is a godly, unflappable man who solves crimes with much wisdom, and moral character.  In one episode he mentions that he thinks everyone should be going to church to come together to pray for the end of the war.   His sidekick, Samantha, who is his driver, lends a sweet, cheerful element to the shows.

I suppose that during WWII the people of the Unites States suffered because of rationing and giving priority to the war effort.  But we have been far enough away from war geographically to have been somewhat protected.  For instance I haven’t heard of any land being seized for building airports or anything like that.  A friend of mine has a neighbor, who moved to the United States from England at the end of World War II, so that she could drink orange juice.  There was no possible way of getting anything like that in London after the war. 

In this country we didn’t suffer during the Viet Nam war, at least I didn’t.  Life went on as usual.  I was able to get a teaching job right out of college, etc. Our military did all the suffering for us.  We were insulated from having to give up or sacrifice in any way.  After the Communists killed over 100,000 people in Asia the United States had to do something.

 Now there has been continuous unrest and war in the Middle East since 2001. I’ve been praying for the people of the Middle East;  first, that God would direct all the regime changes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, and the other countries. Now I’m praying that God would intervene in the civil war in Syria. I'm also praying for our president and those surrounding him that they will seek God for wisdom from above as to what to do. Here is what Joel Rosenberg advises:   I’m saddened by all the killing and destruction of Christians, churches, and institutions.  Here is a link to see the list of things that have been wiped out:

I’m praying that God will protect His people in the Middle East and give them boldness for Christ to get the Gospel out before it is too late.  Here is an hour program on Understanding the Times called When a Great Nation Becomes Lawless:   - Understanding the Times Radio Broadcasts
Link: .

Joel Rosenberg wrote about the four camps of thought on Syria here in the United States.  Here is the link:

Then I also pray for the Christians in the United States that we will get the Gospel out here before Jesus comes back.  Today I was reading in Ezekiel 17.  In verse 8 it talks about Egypt, but I thought this would be a good prayer to pray for our churches—That we would be planted in good soil, by abundant water, so that we would produce branches, bear fruit, and become a splendid vine.  I’m not sure what this would look like but I’m trusting God to lead us. But I’m excited too.  Could this unrest in the Middle East mean that Jesus is coming back soon?  How long will He tarry?

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