Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Hope I am no longer on the Federal "Watch List" and or the "No Fly " List

I couldn’t believe it.  I was in trouble with “the law” again!

Chris and I had just flown from Seattle to Los Angeles and from there to Tokyo.  After a nice visit with our son in a small town south of Tokyo, we boarded the airplane and flew back to Los Angeles.  After a night in Los Angeles we arrived at the airport early.  We proceeded to check in at the ticketing desk.  I handed my passport to the airline attendant and she informed me that I was on the “No Fly” list.  I was in shock, we had already flown three of our four-leg trip, all booked on the same airline.

I literally felt weak in my knees.  I requested a wheel chair.  An attendant brought one; I sat and waited until someone with more authority could come and check me out.  It could happen to anyone though, including a baby:

This was the second time I was detained at an airport.  The first time was in Miami.  Then Customs wanted us.  We had just come back into the country from Grand Cayman Island.  We were in a long line to come back into the United States.  When we arrived at the little booth the agent checked our passports with the computer and then suddenly said to the line stretching for blocks behind us—“This line is closed.  Go to the next line.”  He then said to us, “Come with me.” 

We were put into a barred area and an armed agent blocked the exit.  We sat down and waited.  Several agents across from the confinement area looked at a computer, and then looked over at us. Finally one of them came over and questioned us.  Then he said we were free to go.  Thank the Lord!

Later we wrote to the Freedom of Information act to find out why we were detained.  They just said that there were a lot of Browns in the system.

Fortunately, in both cases we were released after a senior agent checked us out.  I am glad that agents are being careful but if you haven’t gone to the bathroom before you reach the line to come back to the U.S., I would advise that you should check out the rest room before you get into the line, which I did.   But then, if you are tired and groggy from time changes and long flights, be sure to check that you don’t have a toilet seat cover hanging from your jogging suit waist band!

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