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It was in 1962 that I attended my first World's Fair.  It was held in Seattle.  At the time I was a college student in Eastern Washington.  My mom and Grandma E. rode from Spokane to Seattle with me and, my then, boyfriend.  We stayed with the Hank Slightam family -- a cousin of my mom's.  I guess he would have been my Grandmother's nephew.  The Space Needle, Monorail. Bubbleator, and Science Center were some of the sights we took in. 

Here is a picture of the Slightams at a much younger age when they visited my grandparents in Eastern Washington.  This must have been in the 50's.

From left to right-- Rick, Uncle Beanie, Chuck, Auntie, Alyce, Merlin, Mavis, Roy, Grace. Hank must have been taking the picture.

In 1967, after Chris and I were married, I traveled from Spokane to Alexandria to be in my friend Nancy's wedding, and to take in the Montreal, Quebec World's Fair with my family.  After the wedding we packed Jay's truck with camping gear, and included a neighbor boy, and a kitten.  While camping in Canada we met a young boy who spoke only French.  He kept saying menu, menu.  We think he wanted our kitten so we gave it to him.   

Jay, Evy, Roberta, Davy, Wayne

Setting up camp with our Coleman stove.

Davy and Wayne entertained themselves.

 Camping spot

One of the buildings at the fair

The theme program at the fair was divided into five main groups: Man the Creator, Man the Explorer, Man the Producer, Man the Provider, and Man and the Community

 Interesting building

Another interesting building

Neighbor boy, Dad, Davy, Wayne

I stood in line at one restaurant as it had been highly recommended.  I ended eating by myself as it was so crowded those of us who had waited,  couldn't sit together.  My dad, mom, and brother's were smart.  They took off for the pizza parlor and had slices.  The final night of our stay it poured rain.  We were getting very wet so we packed up and my dad started driving.  As dawn neared he pulled to the side of the road.  He couldn't stay awake.  I was wide awake so I offered to drive.  It was a stick shift which is difficult for me so my dad shifted the gears as I worked the clutch onto the highway.  Once I got going I was fine.  He went to sleep.  

Then in 1974, when Heather was three, Spokane had a World's Fair.  Chris used his press pass so he could go to the fair anytime.  I purchased a season pass.  Heather was free.  See above picture Chris took for the newspaper. The U.S. Pavilion and clock tower reflect in the water of the Spokane River. Night shots are tricky.  We were blessed with many house guests that summer.  I recall Rinda, Ron, and Becky staying with us.  A childhood friend of Chris's showed up with her husband and baby.  I babysat for them while they attended the fair.  I was pleased that their baby was an easy one.

My mom, dad, and sister took in another fair in Vancouver, Canada in 1986. They stayed at a bed and breakfast with Ralph and Nan.  I found these pictures of Evy, Dad, and the hosts.

My folks knew how to enjoy life and all that is offered.

Proverbs 7:2 "keep my commandments and live; keep my teaching as the apple of your eye;

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