Monday, October 29, 2018


Heather and Jes 1983

Halloween began as a pagan ritual performed by the Celts 2000 years ago.  The Catholic church created All Saints' Day to be celebrated on November 1. It was formally started by Pope Boniface IV, who consecrated the Pantheon at Rome to the Virgin Mary and all the Martyrs on May 13 in 609 AD. The two celebrations of the Celts and the Catholics became entwined.  In the United States in the 1930's unruly kids would turn outhouses upside down and vandalize.   Communities encouraged children to go house to house and receive candy in exchange for leaving their property alone.  The day has now evolved into Harvest Festivals held at various churches and schools. 

Other celebrations for the day include Reformation Day--Luther is said to have posted the 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, on October 31, 1517. Another possibility for the day, one blogger believes, is that October 31 should be "Bible Appreciation Day."  Click here.

I don't recall Halloween being an important holiday in our family.  The only Halloween I remember was my 4th and 5th grade years. My choice of costume was Peter Pan.  

In college 2 friends and I decided to trick or treat.  Here is part of a letter I wrote home:

When our son was in 5th grade his dad insisted that trick-or-treating was really extortion. Jes's choice was to never trick or treat again.   My granddaughters enjoy dressing up in costume.  Here are some pictures:

Sammy and Natalie

Sammy and Natalie

Natalie 2016

Natalie 2017

What are your thoughts on Halloween?  Do you have any memories you could share?

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