Wednesday, October 10, 2018


David J.'s High School photo

After high school at North Central Dave receives a BS degree from the University of Washington. He would be employed  in Pullman.  See the letter below.

His military service would be served simultaneously.

He would marry Grace in 1939.  They would live in Spokane while he worked at Felts field.
An article appears in the Spokesman Review.
Dave and Grace would have their first child in 1940.

Newspaper article and picture 1942

He is called to active duty in 1942.

In uniform
Dave and Grace would be stationed at Ft. Lewis for training. He would write the above letter to his parents.
They would be stationed in California where their second child would be born. Next would be Alaska while Grace and the two children live in Spokane.

Next step would be California.  I'm not sure what the transition was from Spokane to California where their third child would be born in 1947.

If I find any more letters or articles I will add them later.

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