Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Iguana in Cancun, Mexico.  Photo by Chris Brown.

On one trip to Mexico we took advantage of the shuttle bus from the hotel to the various restaurants.  On one trip back to the hotel I noticed an iguana next to the curb.  As we departed the bus I asked Chris if he would take a picture for me.  He did.  

Today I read a blog written by Jared C. Wilson.  He is a C. S. Lewis fan.  He used a picture of an iguana to illustrate his reference to a boy becoming a dragon.  He talks about how pain can produce good results.  I thought of our iguana pictures.  Here is another one by Chris.  If you would like to read the blog click here.

Photo by Chris Brown.

Another interesting blog I read today was by Justin Taylor.  He points out the differences between the Protestant and the Catholic church.  I can remember as a college student I determined I would not date any Catholics.  But today some Protestants are actually joining the Catholic church.  If you would like to read his blog click here.

A third blog I liked today was about the excuses God will hear on Judgement day.  I thought Jordan Standridge made some good points.  If you would like to read his blog click here.

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