Saturday, July 1, 2017


Marina de LaPaz, Mexico--Chris helped our cruising neighbors every day. Photo by Chris

After Chris added so many improvements to Flyaway, our Halberg Raasy 39', such as weather fax, watermaker, 3 radios, sun covers, you name it we had it, he ran out of projects for our boat. He then began to help the neighbors at Marina de La Paz, (where we lived on our boat for awhile).  He helped them maintain, and rebuild their boats.  One neighbor wanted to add a radio. The entire inside of the boat had to be torn out in order to do so.  (Just the paneling I'm told.) Another neighbor, over in Mazatlan at El Cid Marina, needed stuff done on their boats. ( You can ask Chris about the details.) This involved Chris climbing a mast or helping the neighbor to climb the mast.  You get the idea--anybody who needed help, Chris was there.  (I prayed a lot during this time.)  

This illustrates the fact that for those neighbors who need help, it is possible to help them right where  they are located.  During the ebola outbreak in Africa, Dr. Ben Carson advocated that those people could be helped in their own countries.  The U.S. military moved in and built clinics and our U.S. doctors and nurses traveled over to those countries so the outbreak could be treated.  

Now we have war torn countries in the middle east.  Many, including, Franklin Graham, believe that we can help those who are suffering, in their own countries.  ( Samaritan's Purse in currently doing just that.) But for some reason this has become a political issue.  Those on the left advocate open borders. Those on the right advocate helping those who need help in their own countries.  I am saddened to learn that many Christians are misguided in this area including the Evangelical Covenant Church.  Over 100 Evangelical leaders signed a letter in February advocating bringing all these people to the United States.  Here is an article explaining.  I will be e-mailing those in power to come to their senses about this --and also praying!


  1. Please google the meaning of quarantine. Then rethink the logic of bringing those quarantined outside their quarantined space. What, are you do-gooders nuts? Do you know what the right side of a gun is? You all should be quarantined lest the rest of us catch what you got @#$!@#$!!!

    Jack Tidwell MD, mad in the temple.... its my Christian right.

    1. As an evangelical Christian I am saddened to learn that many Christians are misguided in the area of middle east refugees. Please read "The Stealth Invasion" by Leo Hohmann. It certainly would be better for the U.S. to help care for the refugees in their own countries!

    2. I too am a Christian ... and I totally agree with Jack Tidwell!!! We cannot bring these un-vet'd refugees into our country. Help must be given to them in their own countries.

    3. Thanks for your comment. I'm praying for God's perfect will in this situation.

    4. I agree. Most folks would rather stay near their homes. Where and when the issues are cleared up they can easily return to their home area. We cannot help them fully here.

    5. The massive problems are just too much to comprehend. I do trust Franklin Graham to access the situation accurately.