Saturday, January 7, 2017


Years ago Chris and I were involved in a battle in the culture war with the Lakewood School District school board.  Lakewood is a very small district located between Arlington and Marysville, Washington.  The problem was that the school board was about to approve an AIDS/HIV curriculum written by the state of Washington in which the students were instructed, not only how to have safe sex with a person of the opposite sex, but also how to have safe homosexual sex.  The Evangelical parents and the Mormon parents banded together as cobelligerents to convince the school board not to adopt the curriculum. The two faiths may not have the same theology but we were in agreement on the damage that such a curriculum could do to our children.  

Now we have faiths of different theologies who have become cobelligerents to fight the heresy of the "prosperity gospel." Paula White is about to pray at Donald Trump's presidential inauguration.  Below you will find a link to a Breakpoint commentary where John Stonestreet  and Ed Stetzer  explain why this is harmful.  Click on the link to listen.

By the way--the parents did not win.  We moved to another school district.

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