Friday, April 8, 2016

My Take On Revelation 20:1-10

Yesterday was wonderful.  My Dart bus driver got me to my Bible Study class early.  The luncheon afterward was delicious and the fellowship fun.  My faithful husband picked me up after the luncheon and gave me a ride home.  And on top of that I decided that, for now, I’m a premillennialist. 

You may wonder what a premillennialist is.  Premillennialists believe Jesus will return to the earth before the millennium.  (The millennium is the 1000 years that Jesus will reign on earth with His saints.  This is before the destruction of the current heaven and earth and the replacement with a new heaven and a new earth.) During this 1000 years satan is bound and kept  imprisoned.  But everything isn’t perfect yet, even though the believers will be like Jesus. There are still evil people on the earth who do bad things.  Jesus and His saints will judge these people and keep the peace. 

After the 1000 years satan is released and proceeds to deceive the nations once again.  He will organize the people who have hardened their hearts toward God to fight against God.  These nations are given the names Gog and Magog.  Of course satan is defeated and thrown into the lake of burning sulfur.  Evil is destroyed and God exalts Jesus. 

To me it is incomprehensible that satan and the wicked don’t understand that God has given them every chance to turn to Him.  They must block out all thoughts that God is loving and kind yet just.  He is a holy God who will not look on sin.  Sin will be destroyed. 

My conclusion is that this thinking is similar to the twisted confused thinking of the Abu Sayyaf terrorists in the Philippians who held Gracia and Martin Burnham hostage for 376 days. Gracia relates in her book, “In the Presence of My Enemies,” how one of their captors was asked why they were holding hostages and extorting money.  He said it was because the government had taken away some land.  He was asked what would you do if your land was given back to you?  He said we would take more land.  Muslims will take over the world he said.  That is the plan he said. 

The thinking of the terrorists is the exact thinking of satan.  The same thing will happen to the terrorists as it will to satan. Some day satan will be thrown into the lake of fire.  The end!

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