Friday, January 22, 2016

I Have To Dream

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I wanted to be a boy from a young age. My brother, two years older, was the first grandchild on both sides of the family and all the grandparents doted on him. I insisted that I wear my brother’s hand me down clothes and refused to wear dresses.  Because my brother ran around without a shirt on during the hot California summers, I was resolute that I too go topless.  When I was nine my parents gave me the requested Hopalong Cassidy watch.  

After my parents passed away I went through their old letters.  I found one my dad had written to his parents when my mom was pregnant with me. He said that my mom wanted a boy. She never said anything to me so I don’t know if her thoughts had anything to do with me wanting to be a boy.

When I was 13 I noticed how boys and girls were pairing up. I wondered why the boys didn’t like me. When the boys did start noticing me I was glad I was a girl.

Then at age 15 my best friend from high school, Nancy, suggested that we start a business and save up money to travel to Norway. I jumped on that dream. (Our motivations were different however.  She wanted to take a trip to Norway because her father had been there during WW II and she wanted to buy some sweaters.  My motivation was that I wanted to meet a bunch of young blond men.)  So here was an aspiration to replace my delusion of becoming a boy. (Nancy and I were able to journey to Scandinavia with our husbands many years later.)

As I grew older I began to study the Bible.  I have never understood the parable of the talents ( Matthew 25:14-30).  I think what it means is that we are supposed to develop our talents and then use them for God’s purposes.  The only talent I could identify in myself was that I was good at tap dancing.  As I look back I realize I should have started a dance school for children and used that talent.

But now, years later, because of health problems, I have taken up writing and praying.  I believe that God wants to give us the desires of our hearts as we delight in Him (Psalm 37:4).  So I dream about writing the great American novel or at least a short story for the Good Housekeeping Magazine!

The reason one of my favorite movies is “Children On Their Birthdays” is because I love the song “I Have To Dream.”  It expresses why I dream. The words are below.

What lies before me
What stands between
No one can tell me
What I have seen
Some see the tarnish
I see the gleam
I have to wonder
I have to dream

One dream can change you
One dream can make
All the difference
One heart can take
I dream of flying
I'm in mid-air
I have to wonder
What's out there

The skies the limit
Today's the day
(The) Heavens are still there
When skies are gray
Some days are better
Than they seem
Some days are better
Because you dream

On rainbows to rainbows
On starlight to star
To dream isn't that what
Tomorrow is for
Only a dreamer knows what I know
What it's like to wonder
And then let go

On rainbows to rainbows
I know what I seem
I have to wonder
I have to dream

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