Wednesday, December 3, 2014

There Is No Law

There is no law prohibiting the singing of Christmas Carols in public schools in the United States.  One would think that there is.  For the last 2 years we have attended our granddaughter’s “Winter Concert” at her elementary school.  One program was about the different celebrations of   Kwanza, Ramadan, Hanukkah, etc.  No mention was made of Jesus or the Christian celebration.  They did have a quick song about Santa Claus.  The next year the songs were all about the weather—from fluffy snowflakes to the slush as the snow melts.  Sigh….

I will check to find out if there is a Moms in Prayer group for the elementary school.  Then I will give them my prayer request—I would love to hear some Christmas Carols pointing to the miraculous fact that God came to earth as a tiny baby.  He came to die for us so that we may spend eternity with Him.  Maybe even some parents will request that the children sing Christmas Carols.  Anything is possible with God.

PS If Christmas gets too rowdy, like it did in the days of the Puritans, there may have to be a law against it!  See here.  See here to read a blog about why our children need to learn real Christmas Carols.

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  1. This is from Connie--Enjoyed reading your blog, and it is sad that the public schools in Washington state omit the most important reason for Christmas - Christ.
    Fortunately, in Idaho, the schools have Christmas programs; singing Christian songs always including Jesus in the songs. Even the cheerleaders during their routines have Christmas songs that include the old fashioned songs. It is a joy to attend the school functions here where the kids are outspoken in their faith, and don't even think about having to hide the real meaning of Christmas! Hope it never changes.