Friday, December 19, 2014

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas If You Would Like To

Our daughter's first Christmas at 7 months.  She loved the wrapping paper not what was wrapped in it!

One Christmas my youngest brother, Wayne, (I don’t remember if he was married to his wife Meg then), gave us a Christmas present.  We were so surprised because he had never given us any Christmas presents in the past.  And he hasn’t given us any since then. There was only one problem.  We couldn’t see our Christmas present because he had arranged for an ox to be given to a family in Africa in our name.  We still wonder how our ox fared.  We never got an update on its progress.  But for me, and maybe a few others who have Scotch, Irish, Dutch, British, and Yankee heritage, gifts are not something that I expect or covet. 

 In my family, while we were young, we always enjoyed a “little” Christmas.  Usually we were in at least one Christmas program, received at least one present, and there was no reason to receive new clothes, unless we had outgrown everything.  My most enjoyable time at Christmas, as a teen, was attending a candlelight service on Christmas Eve, and then helping my dad put together toys for my little brothers. 

But I had an aunt who was a genius at shopping.  She loved to look for bargains and always had gifts available which were perfect for the person.  I remember one Christmas, when I was in college, a boyfriend gave me a gift, so I thought I’d better give him one.  My aunt had found some cufflinks on sale for 50 cents.  She suggested those would make a nice gift.  I could afford that much, so I was delighted that she solved my problem. 

After that I longed to be able to have a variety “store” of my own, like my Aunt Jeanne.  Unfortunately I did not have her shopping ability.  But now I have a husband who loves to shop and is very good at finding bargains.  So if I need to purchase anything, I give him my list, and off he goes.

I like a simple Christmas but others may like a merry “big” Christmas with piles of gifts.  I would say whatever brings glory to God in the highest, and adds to peace for those in whom God is well pleased, go for it!

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