Thursday, July 24, 2014

For Your Listening Pleasure

Today Trevin Wax published a list of the podcasts he listens to.  Here is the link.

So I decided to share what podcasts and sermons I listen to on a regular basis:

Podcasts I listen to:

 CitizenLink –2 minutes
FRC-Daily – 1 minute
FRC-Washington-28 minutes
Huckabee- 4 minutes. (He hasn’t recorded any since June 27)
Just Thinking (Ravi Zacharias)-13 minutes
Let my People Think (Ravi Zacharias)26 minutes
Reaching Your World (Luis Palau) 2 minutes
Revive Our Hearts (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)26 minutes
Telling the Truth (Briscoes) 26 minutes
Joni and Friends- 4 minutes
Understanding the Times (Jan Markell) 57 minutes once a week
Weekly Standard-13 minutes

Sermons I listen to:

Capitol Hill Baptist
Faith Bible Church
Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church Greenville, SC Andy Lewis
North Hills Community church Greenville, SC Peter Hubbard

You can subscribe through I Tunes or

Do you have any podcasts or sermons to recommend?

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