Thursday, February 27, 2014

Apple is Retiring Snow Leopard

In the olden days one could purchase a typewriter and use it for the rest of your life!  But now, in the digital age, one can purchase a top of the line computer, and seven years later it is obsolete.   Well, folks, Snow Leopard will no longer be supported by Apple and that is what I have on my IMac.  AAARG!  Here's the story

For Christmas of 2009, Chris, knowing that I love electronic things, and that I hate jewelry, clothes, hats, shoes, bags or anything like that,(they are necessary evils), gifted me with a 27” I Mac.  I was delighted, but he had an ulterior motive—he hoped he wouldn’t have to support my computer use as he did when I operated a PC.   He also included 2 years of Apple support.  When I threw away my key chain, because I thought it was cluttering things up, I was able to restore everything, before Chris found out, by talking to an Apple genius, and being guided through putting everything back in place.

But now, because of Apple ripping the rug out from under me, I have to figure out how to update my system.  First I must back everything up!  I can’t use Time Machine because I have too many gigabytes or something like that.  Then there were several other things that I could do, which I don’t remember.  We decided to order an external thingy.  So Chris will work on my machine when we receive the external gadget.   I’m now locked into Mac forever.  It would be difficult to load all this back up onto a PC.  If I ever had to revert back to a PC, I’d have to put the files next to my floppy disks, which I plan on getting the documents off of some day, and at a distant date, retrieving the archives from that contraption also.

My son’s suggestion for dealing with this problem would be to hire a digital life organizer.  It would work like this---

Organizer-- "Do you need this file?"


Organizer --"Do you need this file?"

You-- "No."

Organizer—"Do you need this file?"


Organizer--"That'll be 200 dollars please!"

Also, I will no longer be using Safari because of this article:

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