Thursday, February 13, 2014

So You Think You Don't Have Any Talent

Speaking of talent I always thought I didn’t have any.  About the only thing different about me was that I could do backbends and cartwheels.  My tap dancing was a little better than average, and I could do high kicks like the Rocketts.  The greatest compliment I ever had from my spouse was when he said that I was like a BMW—not outstanding on anything but above average in everything. 

The reason I value my hubby’s compliment is that compared to him I’m a dufus—you name it and he can do it, or figure out some clever way to get it done.  He can go out, earn the bacon, and then come home, and fry it up in a pan.  He is the go to guy.  If anyone wants an idea for anything, just ask him for one, and he will come up with 20 or more ideas. 

But I believe God gives talents to everyone.  Some receive more talents than others. If you work with the talents you have, God may give you more.  That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.  After coming down with fibromyalgia, and after much prayer and research, I decided I could work on my prayer life, and on becoming a writer.  

As far as opportunities to grow in my prayer life--- God put on Fern Nichols heart to start Moms in Touch, now moms in Prayer, --- and I have been praying with moms groups for over 20 years as a result. At my old church 2 of the ladies started meeting one morning a week to pray for the church and our country.  So wherever I attend church I’ll find a prayer group or start one because of the example of these ladies.

God has answered many of my prayers in wonderful and interesting ways. 

  •       Chris miraculously found me an outfit to wear to our sons wedding.
  •       We amazingly ran into Dale Chihuly on his way to lunch when we visited his workshop.
  •       God made our church grow—not in the way we thought it would but in another good way.
  •       I found a wonderful prayer partner every time we moved.
  •       We have wonderful kids and grandkids. 

I could list more and more but I will stop here and tell you about running into Dale Chihuly.  Speaking of those with outstanding talents I was privileged to have a tour of Dale Chihuly boathouse in Seattle and his workshop in Ballard.  We just happened to be near the glass area when Dale walked through on his way to lunch.  Our tour guide and good neighbor took this picture of us.

So keep using those talents because you have them!  May God multiply them!

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