Monday, December 9, 2013

Songs We Loved to Sing

Here are lists of songs that we sang when I was in high school.

  I would love my granddaughters to learn "Christopher Robin is Saying His Prayers."  Here is a you tube of it:

I would also like them to learn "The Prayer From Hansel and Gretel."  Here is another you tube:

Also I'd like them to learn the Doxology.  My grandmother and my aunt would like to sing it before meals as the blessing.  Here's another you tube:


  1. Ah, No credit for where that list came from? No credit for the person who copied those reel to reel tapes to cassette? No credit for the person that made the cassettes available for class members? Your welcome. Jim Weedon

  2. I was protecting you from all the demands people would put on you! Also, I thought if I gave you no credit I would finally hear from you, and I did! So folks--give a big thank you to Jimmy!

  3. Jim has done a lot for preserving the memory of Groveton High School. His leadership for the class of 61, the recording of these songs, and keeping in touch with the Tabors. Through Jim, I was able to visit with Bob and Betty Tabor and reconnect with both of them. I was able to discuss football with Bob and music with Betty. Jim was the person who first took me to see them. Thanks Jim John Lafley

  4. Thanks for the reminder John. I guess I'd better give Betty Tabor credit for choosing the songs. I thought she did a wonderful job.