Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Carol Quandaries

This week we will attend our granddaughter’s “Winter” program.  I’m disappointed because there will be no carols.  They may sing Jingle Bells and mention Santa Claus, but there is no mention of the Christ Child being born.  There are so many cowards in our schools today.  They don’t want to be sued or threatened with a suite, so they cave, and give in to what the minority wants.  Soon they will be the majority, I fear.

When we attended our granddaughter’s music program last year I noticed a man practically doing a low crawl toward the stage.  He eventually reached the edge of the stage and paused.  Then suddenly a little boy in the front row upchucked.  The man swooped in and carried him off the stage and out a door.  We figured this must have been the little boy’s father.  He saw the look on his son’s face and knew he needed to do something. 

God has swooped in and lifted me when the burden was too much to bear.  He saw the look on my face and knew my heart.  I prayed for a way of escape and God provided.  But then other times He has left me to work through the tough times.  It was in these times that I grew in my faith, as I needed God even more.  I learned that I could make it through with God’s help.

Now I’m praying that somehow, during this Christmas season, that Christ will be honored in the schools.  I don’t know how it will happen.  Maybe I will have to be the one to speak up, or maybe it will be someone else.  Maybe God will see the sad look on my face as once again there is no mention of God.  I'm sure God must be concerned too.  How can the little children believe if they don't hear?  As my mother-in-law said once, “You should pay your respects to God once in awhile.” I hope the schools will do this.

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