Saturday, October 19, 2013

They Are Coming To Take Me Away! Ha! Ha!

Wow!  Have things been wild around here.  If it isn’t one thing it’s another!  It started about a month ago.  First several garages were broken into in our condo complex.  Then my friend was having hang up phone calls.  Somebody would call her and not talk but if she started giving them a sermon they would hang up.  Sometimes they would call four times a day.  Then at church one Sunday 2 people out of our congregation of 30 ended up going to the emergency room.  Next one man in our congregation fell, broke a rib, ended up in the hospital, and was diagnosed with pneumonia.  He then had a heart attack.  A woman in our congregation had a car accident and had to have oral surgery and spend days recovering from bumps and bruises.

Then we look at our nation and our world.   I won’t mention the unrest that has been going on with all of the protests against what governments are doing.   But you get the idea that there is turmoil everywhere.

All of this chaos sounds like war to me, a spiritual war that is. 

Here’s why:  I relate these problems to what is depicted in the TV show Mash.  (Yes, I watch a lot of TV using it as a tranquilizer to help me to over come the chronic pain I have 24/7.)  Here we have a group of people who have a mission—to save lives of the wounded.  But they are in a war zone so their lives are in danger too.  While dealing with their safety and the healing and safety of others, they manage to have a little fun and relaxation.  They don’t take themselves too seriously (except for Frank and Hot Lips.)   To me this is what the life of a Christian is all about.  We are on a mission from God.  We help the wounded. We take care of ourselves.  We exercise our brains, body, and spirit.  And we try to have some fun and relaxation along the way. 

Because of Jesus coming into the world, and paying the price for our sins, we can rest in hope and joy in Him.  He is preparing a comfortable place for us so that some day we can be with Him.  He is the love of our lives, our best friend.  We can depend on Him to guide us,  protect us, and fill us with joy in all of our ways by the power of the Holy Spirit.  There is nothing better than this!


  1. Very good post, Flyaway! I don't know how long you have been my follower but I noticed today that my total had increased by 2 (it's now 127) and your thumbnail photo was in the leftmost in the top row. I clicked on your link and have found a delightful blog here in your writing, photographs, and point of view.

  2. Thanks for reading my posts. I enjoy your posts too! You have a gift!