Monday, February 4, 2013

The Cross is the Only Way

As I recall Chuck Swindoll said once that if you can become anything else don’t become a pastor.  James Dobson’s father didn’t want to be a pastor but in the end he did choose to become one.  Now that most careers are open to women some women are choosing to become pastors.  Apparently it is a very stressful yet fulfilling career.  When I think of the jobs of a pastor they would include everything from a shepherd, administrator, counselor, writer, researcher, to a janitor, and more.  The job is never done ---similar to a housewife’s job.

Now there is a debate as to whether a woman should be a pastor.  If I look into the Bible I see Lydia being a leader of women who believe in God and her group meeting at a river to pray. Paul and his companions meet her there and after a conversation with her she believes the good news and her whole household is baptized.  It sounds to me that Lydia was a leader of the church by the river.  Then there are Pricilla and Aquila co-workers with Paul in Acts 18.  They taught the good news and supported themselves by making tents. I Timothy 2:12 could mean that Paul prohibited teaching only by women who were not properly instructed.

If a woman has a passion to see the lost come to a saving knowledge of Jesus, one way to preach the good news, would be to become a pastor.  I’m not a pastor but my family calls me Billy Bob after Billy Graham.  Sometimes I can’t help myself and I preach!   

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