Monday, July 2, 2012

Potty Mouths

After extensive research, (I looked it up on the internet, read a blog, and asked a couple of people), it is my conclusion that people swear and cuss because they are arrogant.  They believe that they are better than others and so owe them no respect.  Also, some people have a limited vocabulary and don’t know how to express themselves in words. 

When my cousin, at 3 years old, heard the neighbors swearing, he decided to try it out on his mom.  He got an immediate reaction.  I haven’t heard him use such words since.  Some people use these words when they are teenagers to try to get attention.  Apparently many politicians, the military, and Hollywood have used this language extensively.  A few people say words are not important but why use them then? 

Many today use OMG not realizing they are using the name of God in vain or even believing in God.  I wonder what the Muslims would do if people said OMA?  Below is a video about the FCC ruling and a picture of a T-shirt that the President is selling to raise campaign funds.

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