Friday, July 20, 2012

Boy Scouts, Dr. Laura, TV, and Movies

The Boy Scouts were not forced by the court to accept homosexual leaders or members once again.  They will remain morally straight.  The homosexual activists and the media were given boundaries afresh.  One columnist thought that when the old leadership of the Scouts dies out that the new leadership would allow homosexual behavior.  It may happen unless society uses common sense to realize that same sex people are not built physically to have sex with each other.

When Dr. Laura quoted Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 on the air she received death threats and flaming e-mails.  The New Testament may have helped her out. The Old Testament was given to the Jews so that they would be a separate people.  Now that Jesus the Messiah has come He has given us grace instead of the law.  None of us can live a perfect life like Jesus did.  Jesus also said that we are not to commit adultery and beyond that we are not to commit sexually immoral acts.  Sodomy is an immoral act.   Jesus is willing to forgive all sins if we repent.  In Jesus's day and up until the 60's in the United States it was understood what immorality was.  Paul spells it out for us in Romans 1 and also in I Corinthians 6:9.    

Now my problem is what TV shows and movies should I watch? It seems like all sexual immorality is accepted as normal on most shows these days.  I can stick to some reality shows without worrying that they will have sexual scenes between unmarried people—nudity yes.  I remember on the first Survivor show one of the contestants walked around naked.  On some of the dancing shows the dancers don’t wear much!  Should I also censor my watching of shows that have unmarried pseudo sex?  In other words no sex scenes but it is implied behind closed doors?  I keep hoping that Pat McManus will have his humor books made into TV shows!  Now those are funny and don’t have sex scenes in them!

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