Saturday, April 1, 2017


The latest cover from Time Magazine imitates the cover from the 1966 Times cover asking, "Is God Dead?"  Instead it asks, "Is Truth Dead?"  Many are concerned. It appears that truth is dead.  Truth is suppressed just as it is spoken about in Romans 1.  Philip Haney, a former Homeland Security Officer, tried to expose the lies, but was stopped by negative forces within the government. Today, on the"Understanding the Times" radio broadcast, Philip Haney describes how, as a homeland security official he discovered that our own government employees had been influenced by The Muslim Brotherhood.   "Muslim Brotherhood-linked leaders in the United States were forcing changes to national security policy and even being invited into the highest chambers of influence. A policy known as Countering Violent Extremism emerged, downplaying the threat of supremacist Islam as unrelated to the religion and just one among many violent ideological movements."  Check out his book, "See Something, Say Nothing." I can get it on audio from our library.  Here is a blog on the power of prayer!  Warriors--pray!


  1. My Dad was beloved by the people of Korea. He started orphanages in Korea. Being in charge of the base at Inchon he was particularly aware of the kid left behind after our soldiers returned home. Kids gotta eat or they are sold.

    Educating people on prevention is EXPENSIVE. And learning by experience is expensive. This takes families and communities who shoulder the responsibility as God's humble workers who have faith in the promised outcome.

    It is becoming harder and harder to trust the government (who usurps God's name perfunctorily, nearly invisibly on our money) to explain the meaning, especially in this day of unopposed "diversity" (as with conversity).

    Prayer warriors must unite around the family table to summon the true power into our world, no matter how inarticulate most of us are. God knows an invitation when it happens. And His response happens in his own mysterious way that we may never have suspected, for God, being with us is not going to commit suicide.... count on that. He fired this all into existence and He is happy about it. Keep Him in your world Earthlings.... let God be awesome and be grateful.