Thursday, February 23, 2017


Difficult circumstances--it rains the day your relatives have a garage sale in your driveway

You know you are having a hard time when:

·            The washing machine breaks and then when you go to your parent’s house to wash your clothes their washing machine breaks.  

·      Your 3 year old wets his pants and your 9 month old poops just as you are going out the door to church.  
·      You look at your calendar and believe your granddaughter has a concert and force your husband to drive an hour through the rain and you are a week early.

·                   You fall into a ditch and break your foot and then you have to go to court because your 11 year old son got a ticket for not yielding to a car when he was crossing a busy street on his bicycle and he was hit by a car.

·                    Your daughter has to go to emergency at 1 year old when she slips on a wet shower room floor at the Y and knock herself out.

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        Over the years I've had a bad habit of feeling sorry for myself. When I was thirteen my aunt accused me of reading comic books.  Instead of telling her that I hadn’t been reading comic books until my two cousins had been reading them for a long time, I pouted. (I have never enjoyed comic books.) Then when I was 15  I wrote what I would call a "Letter to God" complaining about my lack of self-control regarding my tongue and my study habits.  It never dawned on me that I should ask God to help me with these things.  The following blog was helpful to me.  Click here to read.

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