Wednesday, November 16, 2016


1955 Alexandria, VA Davy, Evy, Roberta, Jay

It is very easy to lose things when one owns a variety of possessions one believes are necessary for the care of ones family.  In our no bedroom trailer which housed four children, two parents,  one grandfather, and we were expectantly waiting for the addition of another child,  we had reached the bursting point.  We needed to add on a room to our abode.  We had delivered, to our lot in the park, one alumo room.  It needed to be constructed as one might assemble a new toy or furniture from IKEA.  With all of us working together we were able to install the room except for the door knob.  In the midst of all the wrapping and cratings the door knob was no where to be found. We had to use pliers to open the door.  As this was very inconvenient, tempers flared.  Grandpa got the blame for losing the precious item.  

Being the helpful person that I was I decided to write, produce, and direct a play called "The mystery of the missing door knob."  Our piano had been delivered from storage and was safely in the alumo room along with our parents bed, cedar chest, and dresser. (Davy successfully cracked his head open on the cedar chest when he fell off the bed as he was practicing his jumps.) Fortunately, the empty wooden piano box which had been used and discarded, made a perfect stage for my play.  After the performance, which included a singing and dancing commercial for "Poppie Woppies" sung to the tune of the Campbell soup commercial, the door knob was found. All was peaceful and harmonious--that is when everyone was asleep!

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