Sunday, June 12, 2016

Terror in Orlando

An Islamic Jihadist terrorist attacked Orlando, FLA, the home of Disney World and Epcot, the happiest place on earth.  Evil is rampant in our world.  Our pastor on Sunday prayed for the people of Orlando.  He prayed that Jesus would come back.  We need Him more than ever.  We don’t know when Jesus will come back but we can learn from history how to make it through all these trials and tribulations.  

Right now I’m reading, “Bonheoffer, Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy,” by Eric Metaxas.  Bonheoffer was fighting God’s enemies first by teaching the truth in the Bible and making disciples.  He started a seminary for the Confessing Church in Germany because the German state church was teaching erroneous information about Jews. Then from his studying and praying he realized that Hitler had to be taken down. But God did not allow him to do it even though he thought God wanted it done.  So sometimes God does not think the way we do.  

What I find helpful, when thinking about all the evil people in the world who are defying God, is to read Psalm 73.  In the beginning of the Psalm David observes all the wicked prospering. At the end of the Psalm when David enters the sanctuary of God he sees the truth.  God will take vengeance on His enemies.

So, is the United States through all this political correctness speech, becoming like a non free speech country? It seems to me that Christians in the U.S. do not have freedom of religion or freedom of speech anymore.  See here to read an article about free speech and how it may be taken away from us. This is very long. 

Schoolteachers are fearful of mentioning their faith at work in concern for losing their jobs.  Those in corporate jobs in some corporations are afraid to speak freely about Jesus.  Now in the military Mikey Weinstein, of Freedom From Religion Foundation, is wiping out all prayer, Bible reading, and preaching in the military.  This includes removing a Bible from a veteran’s display.   The generals dread losing rank if they allow freedom of speech and religion.  This is what our soldiers have fought for during the last 200 years. Are we becoming like Germany during WW II, or communist, or Muslim countries that currently forbid Christianity? 

I think it all began here in the U. S. in the 1930’s.  Instead of reading and studying the Bible many east coast churches became secular and humanistic.  When Dietrich Bonheoffer visited the churches in the New York area he couldn’t find a church where the Holy Spirit was moving. According to his letters in the Eric Metaxas book, Bonheoffer felt that the “black” churches had more of the movement of the Holy Spirit than the “white” churches at that time.

Recently, John Short, Christian missionary to closed countries, reported that as one example in one closed country, North Korea, Christians  talk to each other about Jesus by calling Him “Our Dear Leader.” Others overhearing their conversation would think that they are talking about the current dictator.  When Christians want to sing praise songs in that country they will walk along train tracks until there is no one around and suddenly burst out in song.  “Praying with their eyes open,” describes how they live out their faith in North Korea.  

Likewise Christians in America have a “secret language.”  We might say someone is the “salt of the earth” instead of Christian.  We might say, “bless you” when someone sneezes instead of God bless you in fear of offending someone.  "Bless your heart" is a code word for saying someone is good or bad.

Meanwhile Israel is God’s Timepiece as Scripture is being fulfilled.  With all the rejection of Israel by surrounding countries Israel is alone. Above is a short cartoon depicting how Europe is turning on Israel.  Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and Islam is not compatible with democracy.  See here.

I had never heard of Ben Shapiro.  This kid is great. See above a 12-minute clip of the best of Ben Shapiro defending many different types of freedom. 

Below is a video of Colonel Richard Kemp defending Israel in a 7 minute clip.

Many of God's people are working hard for God, but boots on the ground may be required to fight God’s enemies. In the end God will take down His enemies in His way.  

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