Tuesday, May 24, 2016

No Rudder No Sail

New ark park to open in July 2016

Ravi Zacharias points out that when God told Noah to build an ark He gave detailed instructions.  The design did not include a rudder or a sail though.  Those inside the ark were to put their complete trust in God. They had no control over their lives. God would guide them to their final resting spot.  We know the end of the story—dry ground appeared and they began their life on land all over again.   

Speaking of not having any control in life, and with all the wild things going on in the world, including outrageous weather, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, countries sinking under socialism and communism, Islamic jihadists, the sexual revolution, stealing, lying, killing, and add to that presidential candidates conspiracy theories, see here, life doesn’t look too promising at this time.

But after I attended a memorial service for a long time member of Cascade church, Timothy, I began to see the hope in Jesus again.  Pastor Jan read I Corinthians 15:35-39 from The Message.  He reassured us that we are just seeds now, but when those who believe in Jesus are resurrected, we will bloom into our real bodies. I felt enveloped in God’s love as Pastor Scott played, and as Pastor Nate did the welcome,  prayer, and message on Romans 1:20.  There is hope after all if we will just put our trust in Jesus.   

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