Friday, October 30, 2015

Random thoughts by guest blogger Chris Brown

Chris Brown


I now think the 1948 establishment of the country of Israel got it all wrong. Rather than set the country right in the mid-East, they should have given Israel the SW USA states -- lower half of California, Arizona, and New Mexico (maybe also San Francisco as that city is a total disaster and disgrace to the rest of the country). Think about it. The climate is about the same. The Israelis know how to build walls and fences so there'd be fewer places for illegals to cross the border. The Israel army is really tough and it isn't governed by a bunch of political hacks and cowards -- no PC in that country. So, Israel could also deal with Mexico. The USA would still have access through Texas for trade. And the Israelis are smart enough to solve the water problem!!!

Boys In The Boat
By Daniel James Brown

(My cousin Rinda recommended that Chris read the book.)

 I am worn out. Reading this great book did me in just thinking about what these guys went through.

But, thank you so much for mentioning it to me. Living in this area, and having attended some grad classes at UW, gives me a good perspective of the setting for the book. Even the area in Sequim where I've spent a little time and, in particular, the areas in E. Washington and N. Idaho. I spent a considerable time in the outdoors in both those areas as I was growing up.

When the Kiniksu Forest was mentioned, boy did that bring back a flood memories. In my first two years in college I worked in the forests. One year actually fighting fires in the Kiniksu -- that was one of the defining times of my life because of the stress and the danger. And the following year, I lived at the ranger station in the St. Joe Forest close to the Kiniksu (well during the fire season). When we weren't fighting fires (there were few) we were out doing reforestation work and building trails or rebuilding roads (if you want to call those narrow, rutty, often muddy cuts through the woods roads -- we needed them for fire and other access, so they were quite important). So I can fully appreciate what was written and it is an excellent depiction of the area and the people living there (they are about the same today I would suppose). 

And the details about Seattle and the University were most interesting. Some things I knew, others I didn't. 

I am glad I knew the outcome of the book before I started it. That is probably why I don't read mysteries as I find the journey more important than the destination (if I know the outcome, then the journey to reach the outcome is more interesting for me).

So thank you so much for your recommendation. Now I have to take a few weeks off and find a warm beach I can lie on to recover!!!

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