Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Digital Kids

Granddaughter wearing brown hat in a play

In the olden days, like in the 1950’s, parents didn’t concern themselves too much with what books their children were reading.  They didn't worry about what TV shows they were watching, or what movies they were attending.   At least, in my family, our parents trusted us to make good choices.  But, in the 1950’s, there was the scandal about comic books.  Some believed that if children were permitted to read comic books this would lead to juvenile delinquency.   (My older brother loved comics. He didn’t become a delinquent until he was an adult!)

For links with more details on comic book banning click here for one article and here for information from Wikipedia.

Although, I believe, times are worse now.  Here’s why.  Up to ½ of the population in the United States do not attend church or they attend liberal churches where the Bible is not studied and discussed.  Bibles had been used as textbooks for schools in the past.  School opened with prayer and the pledge of allegiance. Discipline was maintained to the “tune of the hickory stick.”  But now schools and parents are afraid of lowering a child’s self esteem or offending someone’s belief system.  Anything goes.  We don’t want any boundaries.  Therefore parents must check books, movies, and TV shows before their children see them.  Here is a link to "Plugged In" where books, movies, and TV shows are reviewed.  Here is another site that may be helpful. Here are some book recommendations for middle school children.

The most important thing that a parent can do is pray.  God will guide us if we trust in Him. Or, one could always write or tell their own stories.  My granddaughters like to put on puppet shows, plays, and write their own stories to use their creativity.

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