Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Somebody Better Do Something

In I Samuel 14:1-23 Jonathan, son of king Saul, decides that he is tired of the Philistines beating up on the Israelites, and that he is going to do something about it.  The story reveals how Jonathan’s armor bearer was right with him in support.  Subsequently, because the Lord was with them, they defeated the Philistines.

On Sunday, our pastor challenged us to do something that we are fearful of for the sake of Christ.  I prayed that God would show me if there is something that I need to do for Him.

So far the scariest thing I have done this week is to attempt to show my granddaughters my favorite movie, “Children On Their Birthdays.”  The movie is set in Alabama, in 1947, just after WW II. The reason I like this movie is because the protagonist decides that something must be done for the sake of Christ. 

Here is how it happens—a bully was stopping a young black girl from taking a book and a basket of berries back to her home.  The protagonist steps in and informs the boy that gentlemen are on earth to defend ladies.  The young girl runs off but our hero chases after her to at least give her the book back.  She defends the girl to her father telling him why she lost the berries.

Then later on she brings her new friend to sit with the white people in church when all the black people are sitting in the balcony.

Now to the next frightening thing—my 10-year-old granddaughter challenged me on one theme of the movie.  The protagonist informs the boys that they must do something nice for the person they hurt as restitution for their bad deeds.  This is a Catholic or Islamic teaching.  We can never do enough good to pay for the evil we have done.  That is why Jesus had to die-- to pay for our sins.   

I did find this verse – Proverbs 21:14  “A gift given in secret soothes anger, and a bribe concealed in the cloak pacifies great wrath.” 

So sometimes we should do something to smooth over an offense.

I cheer on those who will stand up for the oppressed or do a kind deed for someone.  I pray that I will do the same.

P.S.  Well, today I did something scary for me.  I sent an e-mail to my congressman.  Here is what I said:

The Bible is the Word of God.  It is good for instructing us in the way God wants us to go.  God has even written on our hearts what is right and wrong.  So we know in our hearts that God says anyone who has homosexual sex and anyone who approves of such a thing deserves death.    Support Christians who are trying to save the lost by telling the truth in love. We weep for those who will be condemned by God if they don't repent.


  1. Bobbi, I enjoyed reading this, as it does make you think about biblical ideas versus other ideas of what is right. Many schools now are using a program called "restorative justice" as a means of resolving situations where a student has done something wrong toward another that might have resulted in a suspension. So, for example, if Student A lashed out verbally at student B, and student B replied with a frustrated comment, then Student A came at B from behind, knocked him down, hurting student B in the process, Student A could be suspended for a couple days. In restorative justice, when all agree to it, Student A comes before a team of volunteer students and declares what he did, and explains why it was wrong. The volunteer student team, after hearing the story, determines with Student A's input, what he would need to do to repair the harm he caused. Once they determine what should be done, and Student A takes those steps and heals the problem, Student A is not suspended but allowed to return to class. I simplified a lot, but this is the idea. And this sounds a bit like the verse that you used at the end of your blog. Who knows where I thought I was going with this -- but I liked your story and thought of this analogy. And I think that was about it. Thanks for continuing to blog. I love reading the ideas of my well-spoken and thoughtful friends.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Being taught to make amends is a good way to go. If children would be taught the Golden Rule and to return evil with good--which may mean standing up to a bully so the bully doesn't run wild--I think we would have a lot fewer behavior problems in school.