Saturday, July 25, 2015

Practicing For Disaster

Chris and I just moved to the wrong side of the railroad tracks.  When the oil trains speed by at top speeds, blasting warning whistles, we feel like the train is coming right through our condo.  Because of the feeling that we need to be prepared for a train disaster or any other disaster like climate change, ISIS, and or lawlessness, we decided to set aside clothes and our medications in a "ready" bag to grab just in case a calamity occurs.  Here is how Lucy and all practiced for a crisis resulting from Lucy's unpredictable birth pangs:

In another funny movie,  "Father's little Dividend," the grandparents to be, jumped into action when they thought the baby was coming.  The scene showing the future grandmother driving to the hospital had me rolling on the floor.  Although having a baby in a hospital doesn't usually come as a surprise, the timing of a baby's birth can be without warning.

Here's why these movies are so funny-- because, even if we prepare for emergencies, our emotions take over, and we can't think clearly.  That's when we need to remember the first thing to do in case of catastrophe is to pray a short "help" prayer.  With prayer, practice, and preparedness, we can learn to be composed and in control in case of adversity.

Here are two links on preparing for the big earthquake on the West Coast of the U.S.  Click here for the July 28, 2015 article published in the New Yorker Magazine. For the Seattle government website click here

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