Thursday, January 1, 2015

Act Two Of A One Act Play

Blogs are dying.  I’m in mourning for the loss of yet another blog.  TheThinklings” are done! They’ve quit, they’ve gone kaput, been assimilated into the great Internet.  It’s sad but I suppose inevitable.  Everyone has moved on to Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram.

I tried both Facebook and Twitter but decided they are not for me.  I’m reminded of the Tower of Babel in the Bible.  Lots of babbling, bragging, complaining, and arguing.  No one could count the back and forths about Mark Driscoll and the Mars Hill Church.  I had never worshiped at that church. My son had gone to a worship service there one time.  Some of what was said on Twitter or Facebook could have been true. Not that important in light of eternity.

Then there was the scandal about Lena Dunham’s book.  She said a Republican or some conservative raped her when she attended Oberlin College.  Others accuse her of lying. I’ve never read the book, I don’t know Lena, and so if it isn’t true, God will judge.  If it is true God will judge.  Why waste time on some such?

When I signed up for Facebook I ended up in debates about morality.  This was a waste of time. It seems 50% of the people in the United States have traded Christianity for politics.   The people some of us argued with will not listen to the truth. They are blind and walking in the dark.  The best thing to do is pray not argue.

On Twitter I followed fake Benjamin Franklin and other people who had great quotes for inspiration.  I also followed some like-minded people who had the same worldview as I do.  But for some reason I had women wanting to follow me who were pictured with large boobs hanging out and asking me if I wanted to have a good time.  I had to block so many women that I decided to get off Twitter.

I plan to at least try Instagram once.

I enjoy reading blogs because the writer can discuss what is going to make us laugh, cry, or challenge us.  We can give our 2 cents or not. Subjects can be entertaining, educational, and or thought provoking.  We can explain our worldview and pray for those who need prayer.  It’s the modern way to write a journal or diary.  We can look back and read about what it was really like way back when.

But this phasing out of blogs is like a second act of a one-act play. The emptiness is mind-boggling.  Someone left the stage.  In my mind "Thinklings" wasn't supposed to end but it did. We must move on.  God can make something good out of it though.  


  1. I started my blog, RV Travels With Huggy, just before I started out on my solo Snowbird RV trip with my cat, Huggy, after Annie died in 2005. It was to be a way to keep my kids and friends aware of where I was in my trip and show photos of what I'd seen and done. It did that well and was easy to keep updated, plus it gave me something worthwhile to occupy some of my time with.

    After meeting and marrying Pat my RV trips ended as she doesn't like to travel, so my original reason for the blog ended. I've entered some posts since then but as of now I think the last one was in Aug, 2012. I have kept the blog up as I still do get contacts from RVers and those interested in RVing who say they have enjoyed reading the blog. I suppose I could start a new one but as you've pointed out, there are not many who still participate, either reading or writing them, and I don't know what I'd write about. There are many that I used to read regularly who no longer write in their blogs.

    I am not a participant in Facebook, Twitter, or those other social (or whatever they are called) activities. From what I hear about them they seem pretty trivial and also a good way to get your computer infected with virus'. That I don't need.

    I've enjoyed reading about your trips even though I've heard about some of them in the past, but I kind of wonder what you will blog about when you've run through them.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I think a blogger should write about what they feel strongly about. I've become more opinionated as I've gotten older. So I suppose I will write about what I think about various things. (Sometimes comments that Chris makes will give me an ideas about what to write about.)Many senior citizens enjoy blogging or sharing about their grandchildren and keeping relatives updated on their family on Facebook. Chris is on Facebook but he doesn't share anything on it. I would say just write down what you want your grandchildren to read about you after you are gone. My grandfather wrote about his life and how he came to believe in Jesus and his goals and plans for his life. He started writing as a senior citizen so we have what he wrote. My dad wrote some things also that we have kept. It is also a way to pass down your view of history.

  2. My "resolution" is to write on the blog every day for a year. Yeah, politics, but mostly about the way that faith and politics intersect. Lightweight family stuff is for facebook. Working my way through stuff, and "journaling" life is for the blog ;-) Keep blogging!

  3. Thank you for the comment. I enjoy your blog--way to go.

  4. I love Twitter. Hate Facebook. It seems like there's room in the world for more than one platform. I'm sorry they decided to leave to blogosphere!

    Anonymous politics on Facebook was one of the reasons I left! Let me know what you think of Instagram.

    1. I have one follower on Instagram so far. I think the platform is for people who like to take and post pictures. So far I think it is too much work for me!