Friday, April 25, 2014

Sex Ed For Children

The other day I sent my daughter, the mother of my 3 grandchildren, the link for this blog  She replied that what is described in this article is terrible.  She requested some Bible verses for educating her 9-year-old daughter on these matters. 

I heard that Kay Arthur’s book, “The Truth About Sex,” was helpful for some middle school tweens.  I purchased the book and began to gather Bible verses.

Also, I remembered that years ago we had purchased a set of Child Craft volumes from World Book.  In one volume there was a sex education section.  I’m not sure if the newer volumes are the same but the older set was helpful,’

A friend recommended a novel for tweens called "Just Like Ice Cream," by Lissa Halls Johnson.  I read it and thought it may be helpful.

Here is a blog with some good suggestions for books to help,
This is a link to a helpful review--

Here is a blog with some good recommendations:

As I was planning how to use the Bible to help my daughter I began thinking about my granddaughters. I realized that they enjoy girly things like dresses, jewelry, and making up puppet shows about weddings.  (I think that is because they were just flower girls in their uncle’s wedding.)  Maybe some girls are not interested in these things but I believe most are.  (I was never interested in girly things and wasn’t happy God made me a girl.  But eventually I realized not being happy with how God made me was rebellion against God.) So I’m delighted that my granddaughters enjoy being girls!

 Anyway, with all the commercials on TV about Viagra, menstrual cycles, and other references related to sex and sexuality, kids are processing what they see and hear.  Also, they need to filter stuff that their friends tell them.  It is a good idea to let them know that you will explain things to them the best you can.  That way they will feel comfortable asking you about such matters.  (When my kids were teens I made a list of advantages of being married and advantages of being single.  On the marriage side I put one advantage is that you can have sex.  They were embarrassed but at least they knew what I believed!)

So here are some verses I sent to my daughter to help her as she is teaching her children. As they walk along on this path of life together she can share as appropriate:

Genesis 1:25-28
Genesis 2: 7-8, 15-25
Genesis 39:7-9
Leviticus 20
Leviticus 18:22-30
Deuteronomy 22:13-21, 22-29
I Corinthians 6:9-20
Proverbs 5:15-23
Proverbs 6
Proverbs 7
Romans 1
I Corinthians 7:1-2,3-5,8-9
I Thessalonians 4:1-8
II Peter 2:4-10
Ephesians 5:3-12

What books, articles, or Bible verses would you recommend to teach sex education to children?

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