Friday, July 12, 2013

I Used to have Flying Dreams

When I was a kid I had dreams that I could fly.  In my dreams I would leap straight up and then start pumping my legs like you would on a swing.  I would soar away out of reach of any wild animal or bogyman trying to get me.  In my dreams I felt very competent and self-sufficient.  Maybe that was why I enjoyed dancing and leaping so much.  It is like flying!

But those dreams silently tiptoed away as life overwhelmed me. I realized I wasn’t all that competent or self sufficient after all. 

When I started teaching I began to pray more.  When my daughter was born she demanded extreme patience.  Then I turned fully to God.  I attended Bible studies and Moms of Pre Schooler’s groups.  God was there in the women who encouraged me. 

One time a young neighbor friend of our daughter’s was upset because her cat had run away.  Somehow our cat got out and she brought the neighbor’s cat into our house.  Was God at work again?  I think so.

Another time our daughter lost a necklace she had received for being a junior bridesmaid in a wedding.  It was found miraculously.

Tragedy struck when my younger sister passed away when she was forty-nine.  My youngest brother, Wayne, cheered me with the dream he had.  He dreamed that Evy was wearing a jogging suit and running on a track.  She was happy and healthy.  She looked great.  I believe that was another thing God used to comfort me.

Sometimes it is a flower or a bird that brings comfort and hope.  Other times it is people or a movie.   I was persecuted for my faith by a relative for years. I believed I couldn’t bear it anymore.  I then watched the movie “Jaws.”  In it the men didn’t give up fighting that shark.  I kept yelling at them to give up but they didn’t. They overcame the shark.  I then believed that God wanted me to keep going and not give up no matter how painful the persecution was.  The relative accepted the Lord six weeks before she died.

God didn’t promise us a rose garden but He did promise that He would be with us and never leave us and that He would prepare a place for us.  Life is short in light of eternity.  I’m looking forward to that special place and the banquet Jesus is preparing for me.

Below is a video of a song about hope.

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  1. Thank you Bobbi, for a thoughtful reflection on life, fear, and hardship. The flying dream was one I enjoyed when I was younger, simply floating above my neighborhood or the world. There are many circumstances and people we might wish to escape from, but as you said, God has a way of working things out if we will trust and hang in there with prayer. God's blessings to you and your family, Jim