Monday, March 4, 2013

Cheer up!

I’m planning to attend an Anne Graham Lotz Church Awakening Conference one evening this week.  Our prayer group at church has been praying for a third great awakening in this country.  We rest in the knowledge that God will do what He said He would do!  Revelation 22:20 says,  “He who testifies to these things says, surely I am coming quickly.”

Our country is being led astray by the flesh, lust, and the pride of life. Even believers seem to be buying into the lies of Hollywood and television.  One blogger was attacked on the Internet for saying that she was teaching her children abstinence education.  How times have changed.  In the past, a couple that was courting was chaperoned at all times.  In the 50’s and 60’s a good night kiss was permissible.  Now a person who remains a virgin until marriage is made fun of and called abnormal.  Here's what the left claims the right is trying to do--("Conservatives are trying--again--to block access to birth control. This time, they want the court to decide that a woman's boss should be able to make choices about what type of birth control she can use. Can you sign this petition from EMILY's List and UltraViolet to tell them to stop messing with birth control?")  Since when is it a right to have your employer pay for your birth control?  Employers are not messing with birth control!  Most people are capable of getting these things from a pharmacy.  There is no way that employers should even be involved in this personal decision.

Kay Arthur has published a book on teaching teen girls about what God's word says about sex and life style.  It is called "The Truth about Sex."  Apparently it has helped many girls to achieve a proper self image--made in God's image.  I pray that all kids and adults will no longer practice “free love” but will limit themselves to a good night kiss until they are married!  This is the only way to have stable families.  I pray that parents and churches will take on the responsibility to teach this by role-playing, or some other reasoning together.  I pray that schools will get out of the business of teaching sex education and stick to teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic taught to the tune of a hickory stick!   Maybe a little history, geography, and science could be thrown in!  Drama, music, art, and physical education are good things to have in schools too.  I pray that schools and the military will no longer be “social and cultural experiments.”

A letter writing or e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter writing campaign to newspapers, magazines, both print and Internet, and to the President and Congress encouraging good moral laws and fiscal responsibility could make a difference.  But only God—by the power of the Holy Spirit—will awaken this country to do the good works that He has ordained in advance for us to do.  Soon Jesus will come back so we need to bring as many as we can into the fold before it is too late.

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