Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Adam

One Christmas when we had a kitten named Twinkles, she made the front page of the newspaper in her efforts to destroy our Christmas tree.  

Now to Christmas Adam.  My Aunt started the tradition of Christmas Adam.  Adam came before Eve so Christmas Adam comes the night before Christmas Eve.  Her family could not all get together on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day because of various families needing to spend time with in-laws and different churches and services.   She came up with the solution of everyone getting together on December 23.  Our Sunday school class was discussing various family traditions and my husband mentioned that custom.  He thought that getting together on the 23rd and watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” would be fun for a church fellowship and to reach out to the people in our neighborhood to join us. 

I usually take an exercise class on Sunday night.  I told my teacher that I would not be able to come to class on December 23 as our church had a gathering on Christmas Adam.  I explained the concept to him and he asked, “Does your church do anything special on New Years Adam!?” 

After watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” last year, we watched “A Christmas Story” this year.  Now I’m trying to understand the tradition of people taking their children to see Santa Clause.  My parents never took me to see Santa.  I had no desire to see him.  We tried to take our daughter, when she was small, to see Santa for a photo opportunity, but she didn’t like Santa.  One year she had her picture taken with the Grinch.  She liked her better.  When her little brother came along she was OK with Santa as long as her brother was with her.

Santa, gift giving, carols, family times are all wonderful traditions but do we overdo it?  What would be the balance between secular and scriptural?  These are all things I’m thinking about these days.

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