Saturday, March 16, 2019


As we once again view horrendous scenes of senseless killing at a religious site in New Zealand we are horrified that humans could be so evil.  In this poignant blog by a writer for National Review the necessity of having even places of prayer guarded by security--  including dogs to sniff out danger--  is lamented.  I pray and ask God "How long until you take vengeance on Your enemies?  My eyes stream tears for Your law is not obeyed."  As usual the Billy Graham organization sent chaplains for a rapid response to the tragedy.  Click here to read the blog.  Meanwhile in Nigeria 120 dead.  Click here for the link.


  1. It truly is hard to fathom such evil. The enemy is not only killing but building more and more distrust and discord among people that is causing terrible damage. I not only pray for those that mourn but for those that do not know the Lord and have nothing to hope in, in the face of such evil.

    1. God will prevail in the end. He does not want any to perish!